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So. Fuckin' McCain. The moment he said "pro-abortion" I was pissed.
OK, let me start with abstinence only education. How are we supposed to raise every single girl up to never have sex, ever, unless she wants a child? Never mind the fact that the byproduct of our fabulous free market society is pressure on girls, even young girls (gotta make $$$), to give into sexual temptation. Never mind the fact that having sex IS HARDWIRED IN OUR BRAIN. Never mind the fact that people have been having sex when they want since the dawn of mankind. You're fuckin' religion is going to stop that?! How dare you put women in this situation in our modern day? It shows 0 respect to the gender that has been making the world turn round forever and I despise it.
Realize that it's absolutely 100% IMPOSSIBLE to stop sex. Abstinence-only education insures that all the girls who receive it will not know how to prevent getting pregnant, unless their parents supplement the education themselves (which an unreliable amount do). Everyone is going to tell these girls never to have sex, but secretly everything is geared to make you say yes when you're taught to say no. Our country is putting over a billion of our fucking tax dollars a year to force women into having babies whenever the biology feels like it.
And now we get to the abortion part. Even people who know about birth control get unlucky, or lapse with it, and end up pregnant. And when you can't afford and/or want a child, and going forward with the pregnancy would be a huge psychological, physical, financial ordeal, it is ABSOLUTELY the responsible choice for a woman in all aspects to consider abortion. And believe me, no woman WANTS to have an abortion. Nobody is pro-abortion. An abortion still can take a huge toll, and at a minimum it's a hassle. Then there are women who find out that their child will be born with problems, or the pregnancy will have complications, and they must make a very important, personal decision. The people who push the pro-life agenda don't know what it's like to be a woman, otherwise they would KNOW that motherhood is an extremely important thing to us, and NOBODY takes it lightly. Abortion is serious, and we want to prevent it, but shit happens. It's part of life as a biological organism.
When McCain calls it a pro-abortion agenda and sarcastically scoffs at and finger quotes around "the health of the mother," I take it very, very personally. When McCain supports the Republican's abstinence-only education, he is forcing American women into a life as a baby-making machine with absolutely no regard THEIR wellbeing (as well as that of her partner's).
Damn right I donated more to Obama today! Stupid people are swayed by advertising, and as we know, the undecideds are, ahem, stupid, so we must try to insure that they are given massive amounts of Obama advertising. I refuse to live in an America run by Republicans.


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Oct. 18th, 2008 08:53 am (UTC)
Yeah, I pretty much second that. :-P
Oct. 18th, 2008 11:55 pm (UTC)
amen, sister! i really, really adore this statement (i refuse to call it a rant, because that's sort of belittling).

say, can i use it on my friend's radio show, perhaps?

Oct. 19th, 2008 12:23 am (UTC)
Say it wherever you want!
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