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Jun. 22nd, 2008

I start school tomorrow at the ~community college~. FINALLY. I just hope that I don't get sick of school in the first week. I know I'm lazy but I also like to think I'm motivated so we'll see how it works out. I really want to not procrastinate like I did in high school, but I did get things done with good grades, and it's better than just doing nothing like in college.
It has been so freakin hot here. Yesterday we drove out to Hesperia to get Casey a Roland electronic drum set. It was expensive, but it was also his birthday. He has been talking about these drums and checking craigslist nonstop for over a month and it wasn't long before I couldn't even try to look like I was paying attention or cared about the difference in MIDI outputs between the TD-3 and the TD-6. Living with a nerdy engineer with a penchant for talking through every problem and explaining every detail can be like living with a TV that is frequently on the stuff-that's-only-interesting-to-engineers channel, except it requires that I say "uh huh" and "oh" and "yeah, I see" a bunch, and I frequently have to tell it, "I understand, please don't explain this to me for a fifth time because I didn't care the first time."
Did you know Casey and I don't fight? I can only think of a few times where I have been genuinely angry and upset in an argument. We disagree very frequently, and this is how it usually goes:
I expresses an opinion or urge to buy something, or Casey blames something on me (it frequently is my fault, but it is often not my fault).
Casey, in a mockingly high voice, wittily rephrases what I said to make the point that I am frivolous and/or extremely sassy.
I begin giggling, which does not stop until the "argument" ends, and tell him why I am right. If I truly think I am right, I am very insistent. If I know that I am being too frivolous and sassy, I will still defend my stance, but eventually with some self-deprecating, ironic statements that start Casey laughing.
By this point, by mocking each other and ourselves, we're both laughing heartily. I will usually end the argument by stating something completely irrational but with truth still behind it, and I will get very haughty and accuse Casey of oppressing me before we both drop the subject and recover from the laughing fit.
Casey and Rani: A Marriage in Turmoil!


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