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So there was an earthquake today! My biggest one yet. I was in my biology lab going over heritable traits between shaded circles and squares. When it started I was like, huh, I think that's an earthquake, and then I was like, wow this one is big and shakey! We all ran out of the classroom and were dismissed from the class, which was almost over anyway. And then I took a math placement exam and am being placed in like, stupid Algebra. Which is actually ok because it'll be the easiest math class I've ever taken and nobody cares about math classes when you're an artsy kinda major. I have Casey to do my calculus. Anyway, afterwards I called Casey, and when I came home my mom had left a message on my machine for Gatsby, which was something like *singsongy voice* "Hiii Gatsby, this is your grandma, I just want to let you know that Rani and Case willl be home soon and everything will be ok, and I hope you can go back to sleep." lol
So after listening to the message I went online because I wanted to know how big of a deal it was. It apparently was a very big deal for the news, which is ok for local, but national? And now the headlines say we're "jaded Californians" who didn't even care about their own slightly exciting earthquake. For the record, it was slightly stronger and longer than the average quake. But my Celexa makes me jumpy and then I vaped (thank you Laura) so I just shake like a vibrator if I'm even a little nervous about something (and by shakes like a vibrator, I mean it's more like a vibrator than a calm hand is, not that my hand plus nervousness equals pleasure potential). So I thought I felt an aftershock while vaping and I was like, Hey is this the big one? I have been anticipating this "big one" that's supposed to have a 99% chance of occurring within the next 30 years and is gonna kill a million people. And I'm sure this activity is just a sign of the big one that will hit tomorrow. Jesus christ.

OK in other news everything else is great! But I have cramps : (


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