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So school has commenced and I have succeeded in being a good student for two weeks. Today I left at 7:45 and went to two classes and then directly to the bank and the farmers market. I got home at 1 and found Gatsby had eating a box of 12 cubes of rat poison. He seemed happy enough and didn't appear to even realize what was going on until he was taken from my frantic arms at the vet. They made him throw up and then pumped his stomach. Poor guy. Maybe he learned his lesson about sprouting wings, flying up to shelf 3 feet above his head and out of his eyesight, and eating whatever boxes of tasty poison he finds there.
The poison was meant for the rat that has been eating the grease out of our barbecue for months. I will buy a mechanical trap this time.
Oh and here is the story of how I discovered we had a rat eating the grease in our barbecue: It was three in the morning, I was very out of it but determined to catch the animal in the barbecue. His scuffles had awoken me from my nude slumber, and I grabbed a flashlight and stood on my balcony staring into the grill at this god damn rat running around. Then the neighbor - whose windows are about 15 feet directly across from our balcony - turned on their light. And so I crouched to hide my shameful nudity and felt stupid and silly. And then their light went off and I went to bed.

I'm trying to not freak out about the dog, because Casey will freak out enough for the both of us. I have been told that I have a strict-walk-about-the-apartment-fixing-puppy-hazards coming tonight. Ugh, after I was up late last night and early this morning studying for my biology test, after all week of this god damn boring as hell class and lab, after doing my errands, after arranging to start working at a new job, after cleaning up the plant that Gatsby had also destroyed and strewn about before/during/after the poison consumption, I just really wanted to smoke some bowls and eat food and watch Judge Judy.


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