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May. 21st, 2008

so yesterday morning I was walking my dog and there was crow in the middle of the road that had gotten hit by a car and it was still alive, so i picked it up and put it on the grass under a tree so it could at least not get smushed, and i didn't think it was going to live. this morning it's hopping around in the gutter right next to the road again and i was like, damn it, i'll put it farther away from the road. so i did. and the damn thing wobbled out again. so i was like, well the bird is much better today, but it just needs another day to un-dizzy itself, so i put it on our balcony since at the time it wasn't flying. this afternoon, i'm like, well it seems to be alive enough to not be in danger of dying but screwed up enough that it can't function, but when i called animal control they had closed at 2:30pm (wtf). so now i've got this dying crow wobbling around my balcony and it's my god damn fault i have to take it to get euthanized.

but i thought i would have a crow friend or something...until it became apparent that he was all kinds of messed up. his head is on sideways now, and his wing is broken, and his tail is wonky....ugghghgh. i just couldn't let an animal die brutally! i had to let it "recover" (in this case, slowly die) on my balcony.


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